What is The Hybrid Agent?

Dated: September 11 2019

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In 2001, Rhonda Duffy of Duffy Realty of Atlanta set out to find a better way to buy and sell homes leveraging relatively new technology - the internet. She realized that the internet would provide publicly available real estate information and search capabilities for consumers that previously only belonged to real estate agents. Now the power of real estate knowledge shifted away from only agents to anyone with access to the internet.

The old paradigm that required buyers and sellers to go to agents first before buying or selling their home was forever changed. According to the National Association of Realtors, virtually everyone goes online first before they ever talk to an agent. And with that shift, Rhonda decided that since buyers and sellers were doing work that previously only agents did it was only fair to change her commission structure to reflect that shift. Hence, the flat fee up front and a lower commission listing model was born along with her Buyer Rebate Program.

Rhonda & Frank, her husband and business partner, had so much success that they wanted to share their success with other brokers around the country through their Rainmaker program. 53 brokers around the country jumped at the chance to work with the #1 agent in the US and learn her systems and processes. Brian Wilson was one of those brokers and joined the Rainmaker family in 2009 representing the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Since then, Brian has sold over 1,000 homes using a modified version of the Rainmaker model. Looking to grow more, Brian created The Hybrid Agent brand to better reflect and differentiate the business model from traditional real estate teams & agents and joined eXp in 2019 to spread the business model throughout the eXp family.

The Hybrid Agent is as much of a concept as it is the name of our business. The word hybrid means "combination of something" and we use it because we combine traditional real estate services with a discounted commission. We believe we combine the best in real estate - the best people, the best processes & the best technology.

Our people focus on providing you with a 5-star level of service so that we can be your agent for life & you can refer us proudly to those you know looking to buy or sell their next home. Our buying and selling processes were designed by a Tier 1 Business Process Expert to simplify the transaction and make it as easy as possible. Our technology platforms are "best-of-breed" and are seamlessly integrated into our processes to ensure quality control over every transaction.

While most real estate agents charge an expensive commission rate based on the percentage of the sale - 6, 7 or even 8% - we are always looking for ways to give that money back to our clients. The Hybrid Agent low-cost commission model keeps an average of $18,000 in our clients pockets. What could you do with an extra $18,000? After all, it is your money & your equity in the first place!

If you want to have a great experience when buying or selling a home & keep your money & your equity in your pocket, then contact The Hybrid Agent today and learn why over 1,000 clients agree that we found a better way.

Real Simple. Real Savings. Real Results.

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  • Posted by Jane Stewart
    Hi! Wondering if you come out to Linden, VA? I am thinking of selling in the very near future.
  • Posted by Jeannie Schriver
    I have a townhouse in Warrenton, va, that I want to sell. Do you cover areas out of the DC area? If not, is there anyone you can recommend who is innovative in my area? Thanks

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