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Dated: November 9 2020

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So you are PCS'ing in or out of the National Capital Region? First of all, thank you for your service! We know PCS'ing isn't easy and when you move every 2-5 years it can be difficult to build up enough equity to make home ownership sensible when you factor in 6% real estate commissions. In that vein, we built a business model to help you keep more money in your pocket when buying or selling your home.

For sellers, we sell homes for a flat fee of $500 up front and 0.5% commission at closing! This is a Full Service Real Estate Listing without the high commissions. If there is a Buyer Agent, we recommend that you offer them the current average Buyer Agent commission (2.5%) at closing. If there is no Buyer Agent, there would be no additional Buyer Agent commission meaning your total commission would only be 0.5%! Our hybrid model allows you to keep more of your equity for your next house, furniture or to seed your savings!

For buyers, we rebate all earned commission above 1.5% back to you at closing. This means that we will pay part, if not all, of your closing costs when you buy your next home! This is huge because it allows you to leverage money that is already in the purchase price of your new house and makes your money go further when you buy.

In real estate, equity is the name of the game. And when you've been told you must move, equity can be difficult to save in the midst of a deadline. So when it's time to PCS, hire The Hybrid Agent and keep more of your hard-earned equity! You will join the thousands of clients who are happy that they did! As we love to say, Real Simple. Real Savings. Real Results. That's The Hybrid Agent!

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