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Dated: November 9 2020

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Did you know that the #1 reason For Sale By Owners try to sell their homes by themselves is that they don't want to pay 6% real estate commissions? FSBO's believe that if they don't have to pay 6% real estate commissions, they will put more money in their pocket at closing. But is that the case? The data says not so fast.

To begin with, FSBO homes sell for 24% less than agent assisted sales - 24%! That is certainly way less money in the FSBO pocket at closing.

Secondly, 87% of ALL Buyers use an agent to help them buy their home. That is important because agents show homes listed on the MLS, not FSBO's. Also, ALL homes listed in the MLS are paying a Buyer Agent commission so if the FSBO is not paying a Buyer Agent commission commisurate with the current MLS average Buyer Agents are not as eager to showcase or promote a FSBO over a MLS listed home.

Third, 96% of ALL Buyers are looking online for their next home. This is important because your online presence is your most important presence. FSBO's will lose Buyers if their online presence is not as good as, if not better, than a MLS listed home. This loss of Buyers is the biggest reason most FSBO's turn to agents to take over their listing.

Fourth, it takes 26% longer for a FSBO to sell than it does for a MLS listed home. One adage we can all agree on is Time is Money so if you need your home sold sooner rather than later a MLS listed home is the way to go.

Lastly, 89% of ALL FSBO's will eventually list with an agent. You might be thinking, "Not Me!", but the data doesn't lie. So don't let your pride get in the way and cost you thousands of dollars when it comes to selling your home! There is a better way!

The Hybrid Agent provides our clients with a Full Service Real Estate listing for just a flat fee of $500 up front and 0.5% commission at closing! If there is a Buyer Agent, we recommend that you offer them the current average Buyer Agent commission (2.5%) at closing. If there is no Buyer Agent, there would be no additional Buyer Agent commission meaning your total commission would only be 0.5%! We have already saved our clients over $50 million dollars in real estate commissions and are on our way to $100 million!

So when it's time to sell your home, make the smart decision and hire The Hybrid Agent! You will join the thousands of clients who are happy that they did! As we love to say, Real Simple. Real Savings. Real Results. That's The Hybrid Agent!

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